The ways, in which the situation set out will be changed, can be described as follows:

  • Refugee and migrant children wiil not continue to miss out on vital schooling. Both Egyptian and refugee teachers will have access to a certified professional development program delivered in each partner university which will have considerable impact on refugee children education opportunities.
  • There will be a shift from attending schools organised by the refugeee community which offer limited accessibility and limited coverage of cognitive needs to the public Egyptian schools which will have teachers trained in tackling the educational and psychosocial needs of the refugee children.
  • The Faculties of Education at the partner universities in Egypt will be offering courses for prospective teachers that are infused with refugee education. This will promote the career orientation of the ReTeCp beneficiaries. Strengthening teachers’ ability to refugee education needs positively interact in more effective and meaningful education in schools. Trained teachers will become more motivated to improve their teaching methods with consequent impact on refugee children’s accessibility and quality education.
  • The development of a Euro-Arab Network of Refugee Teachers will boost activities and provide a resource that will result in making a positive difference on refugee education issues both in Egypt, the Middle East region and Europe.